Is It Getting Chilly in Here?: 5 Tips to Tell If Your Home is Losing Heat


Do you feel cool air blowing in around your windows or doors? Chances are they aren’t sealed properly and the warm air inside your home is escaping!

High Energy Bills

Look at your home’s energy bills and check for an increase in cost. This may be a sign of poor insulation.

Touch Test

Do your floors and walls feel warm and dry? They should. If they feel cold, your home isn’t retaining heat.


Have you noticed any holes or gaps in your home that may be allowing heat to escape? Check areas where walls and floors meet, especially on your home’s exterior and around electrical features.


Do your neighbors have frost or snow on their roof? If your roof is clear it may be a sign that heat is escaping and melting the frost on your roof.


We all think of icicles as just a part of winter, but they could be an indication of massive amounts of heat being lost through your roof.

A Bare Roof

Another indicator of heat loss through your roof is a bare spot or several bare spots on your roof after a snow while it is still cold. If it isn’t cold enough to melt, the snow should still be sitting nicely on your roof, waiting for the spring thaw.

If you have noticed any of these issues in your home here are a few quick fixes to try out…

  • Install weather-stripping around doors and windows
  • Seal leaks around fixtures
  • Hang heavy curtains or drapes
  • Caulk any cracks
  • Insulate your attic

If these tips still leave you with an increasingly chilly house, call the qualified professionals at Zara Construction, Inc., to inspect your home.